Ruben Rada Ruben Rada
Known to his many friends and fans simply as 'Rada', was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1943. As a percussionist, Rada has few equals. He has had a dramatic effect on the evolution of modern candombe, mixing it with many other musical styles and instruments not traditionally used within the genre. Rada's compositions are fresh and moving, showing the influence of all his favorites; from Ray Charles to The Beatles, Louis Armstrong to Carlos Gardel, you'll find them all in Rada's gifted songs. His tunes show you he's not afraid to experiment and approach different styles, blending jazz, world music, funk, pop, tango, rock, and (of course) candombe.
Rada is able to do practically anything with his voice, from singing a soothing ballad to sounding like all his favorite characters from Uruguay's carnival, to mimicking the sounds of a trombone, trumpet, and other musical instruments, to sounds that are simply beyond description.

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In addition to his to his musicianship and skill as a composer, Rada's lyrics deliver a strong message. From funny to serious, from absurd to sarcastic, his words will touch your heart.
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The CD booklet includes all lyrics as sung in Spanish, and translated to English.

Ruben Rada - Montevideo The production of the CD 'Montevideo' began in 1994, with the idea to produce 10 of Rada's compositions. The project stopped at 28, with 25 Rada compositions (some of which were co-written by Hugo Fattoruso), one tune by Carlos Gardel, one by Eduardo Mateo, and another by Marvin Gaye. Hugo also served as keyboardist, co-arranger and co-producer of the project. Half of the tunes produced were included on this release, which was met by critical acclaim, and the remaining fourteen tracks will appear on a future release.
Ruben Rada vocals and percussion
Hugo Fattoruso keyboards and vocals
Ringo Thielmann electric bass
Bakithi Kumalo electric bass
Hiram Bullock electric guitar
Neil Weiss electric guitar
J.P. Beledo acoustic and electric guitar
Alex Foster saxophone
Alexander Sipiagin trumpet
Tom Malone trombone and saxophone
Mark Feldman violin
William Gallison harmonica
Carol Moore background vocals
Hector Prendez drums
Anton Fig drums
Arturo Prendez percussion
Ramon Echegaray percussion

01. Dedos
02. Sud Africa Cancion Antigua
03. Sale el Sol
04. Sin Salida
05. El Negro Chino
06. El Dia Que Me Quieras
07. Candombe Para Gardel
08. Santanita
09. Mamita
10. Montevideo
11. Lovely John
12. Somalia
13. Sueno Contigo
14. Candombe Pa'l Fatto

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It is so true that in this world of creativity music and other art forms travel down the same path, for instance; music and dance, music and theater, music and film. Throughout the years images of candombe have been a great subject matter for many Uruguayan painters, and have served as a wonderful source of inspiration to them.