Paintings of Candombe
Paintings of Candombe This image was recently painted by Alvaro "Neco" Bordagorry on a wall located on the Montevideo street named after Carlos Gardel, the greatest tango singer of all time. Our connection to the earliest memories of candombe is through paintings that were created almost a century ago, paintings by Pedro Figari. The relationship between music and painting has probably best been described by Ruben Rada's beautiful song, Candombe Para Figari.

Gallery #1 Pedro Figari
Gallery #2 Fernando Gomez Germano
Gallery #3 Daniel Pontet
Gallery #4 Homer "Perucho" Diano
Gallery #5 Chichito Cabral
Gallery #6 Ruben Galloza
Gallery #7 Victor Ocampo Vilaza
Gallery #8 Silvia Segundo