Ruben Rada 'Rada Music'
On September 17th, 1996, Ruben Rada stepped onto the stage of the Solis to present his new CD release, 'Montevideo'. He was joined by his long time friend Hugo Fattoruso, by U.S. guitarist Hiram Bullock, South African bassist Bakithi Kumalo, Montevideo's Martín Ibarburu on drums, Fernando "Lobo" Nuñez, Jorge "Foque" Gomez and Pablo "Paquito" Silva on tambores, and others. Playing to sold out audiences, they brought the 'Montevideo' CD to life. Met by standing ovations and critical acclaim, this show is still being talked about today. That year, Ruben Rada received the 'Iris of Gold', an award given to Uruguayan artists having the greatest accomplishment of the year. Ruben Rada "Rada Music"
1. Candombe Para Gardel (5:00)
2. Candombe (3:46)
3. Montevideo (6:29)